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I removed the calls for WOW redirection and compiled my util. That resolved the issue. Regarding your earlier comment, I pass the same command line, which is just the exe name, for CreateProcess( ) and CreateProcessAsUser( ). Retrieves the calling thread' s last- error code value. Hi, everyone I am creating a process in another regular process' s session from a service using CreateProcessAsUser. But the program can only succeed if I set the service' s account as the LocalSystem, which is the default. Re: Calling CreateProcessWithLogonW You will need to redirect the input and output streams of the Process class so that you can send and receive text using them. A Windows computer that is not part of a domain, logs on using its local account database. We are rewriting our code from D to XE2 and in the process doing away with some external libraries. In that process we threw away a third party ' Launcher' component that used ShellExecute, and replaced it with our own ' Launcher' component that was only suited for executable and hence used CreateProcess. I have pinched bits of code from various places to make this code work.

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    Error createprocesswithlogonw code

    Simply, this class allows me to: - launch an application with a specified priority - monitor when it closes - manually. CreateProcess( ) failed with error code 2: The system cannot find the file specified. Notepad+ + windows 7 64 bit error. A general function using MFC that runs a command using CreateProcess( ), waits for it to terminate, and returns its ExitCode. This is a short function that will run another program as if from the command line, wait for it to finish, and return the process' s exit code. The option CREATE_ NO_ WINDOW. Note 1: this code wipes the DACL from the current window station, and the new desktop, in an effort to relax the security requirements to the maximum extent possible, yet the child process still fails with security access denied. Be careful running this, since it will reduce the security on your active window station, until the system is restarted. If this function fails with ERROR_ PRIVILEGE_ NOT_ HELD ( 1314), use the CreateProcessWithLogonW function instead. CreateProcessWithLogonW requires no special privileges, but the specified user account must be allowed to log on interactively. CreateProcessWithLogonW issue - ASP. NET Web Services After countless attempts at trying to get the CreateProcessWithLogonW to work consistantly, I would suggest going straight to the WMI approach. WMI has worked on every platform, every time.

    This changes would fix chef/ chef# 2342. The current problem is that if a user has access to other groups, and the command is accessing for example a file with owner different than mixlib specified user/ group pair and user is member of file group owner, the command fails with a permission denied exception while it should succeed. Hello Dayakar, As you specified it looks like CreateProcessAsUser fails to invokethe process ifspecified token does not have admin previlages. Not exactly, the token we need to provide( the first parameter) depends on the the created process. This is my first C+ + code. Taking from the default project in Dev C+ +, youtube tutorials, and some intuition, I came up with the simple code below. I know the answer is going to be easy. NET Web Services We have an ASP. Net web application that must run an external executable to accomplish a doent merge function. We got this to work on Windows XP using the following code ( low level API calls). The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc. , so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. Normally the defaults are OK, so passing nullptr or NULL for these parameters is perfectly fine, and it reduces code too.

    One more thing, I get that this is a sample, but remember that the PROCESS_ INFORMATION contains handles that are returned from this function. What Does Error 740 Mean? If you are experiencing an error 740 message in Windows Vista or Windows 7 when trying to launch an application, it means the software was. A library containing all P/ Invoke code so you don' t have to import it every time. Maintained and updated to support the latest Windows OS. - AArnott/ pinvoke. I am able to search the directory to find specific users, but when I select one and click ok, I get the following error: Windows cannot process the object with the name < Username> because of the following error: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. the plot thickens. After all this I decided to try backing up onto DVD discs and the backup worked! Of course it took 5 disks. Soooo- - does it have to do with permissions for the external F hard drive? Hi all, I know that there are many posts on this forumtalking about my problem but i can' t finger outhow to use LogonUser and CreateProcessAsUserto run a progam as another user. I' m using administrator account to run a process as a limited user. this is the code. How to use CreateProcessWithLogonW If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

    You may have to register or Login before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. You should use the handle from CreateProcess instead of using OpenProcess on the PID. OpenProcess only works if the process object still exists. By the time you call OpenProcess if the process object is gone - the result is a call with invalid parameter. I believe the Process object does not create an OS- level process ( that would have a process handle) until it actually starts it. Basically, I think all that the Process class does is fill out STARTUPINFO until you call its Start method which is when this information is passed to an OS- level CreateProcess_ _ _ _ API. Hi, welcome back, Sometimes. Process class and its Start method are not enough for our purposes and we need to call Win32 API directly from. NET ( P/ Invoke mechanism) to be able to create a process the way we need. Calling CreateProcessWithLogonW - ASP. Hallo NG, ive posted this before on microsoft. aspnet but didnt get a response. im stuck with this for a week now. and i think i used every possible resource but didnt get it to work.

    00: Does Createprocessasuser Support Volume Guid Path? I' m calling CreateProcessAsUser from a service if lpCommandLine = C: \ Windows\ write. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. This post is a follow up to the FileSystemWatcher Follies post. I received a lot of feedback that it would be useful to highlight what would be appropriate to guide against some of the pitfalls that I mentioned in that post. Anything related to MS Windows Advanced Services API for 32bit systems ( part of Windows API), residing in the ` advapi32. This library provides functions to access Windows registry, to restart the system, to create Windows services and to manage user accounts. CREATE_ PROCESS_ FLAGS on MSDN; Expanded Signature: Winbase. h Creates a new process, using the creditials supplied by hToken. The application opened is running under the credentials and authority for the user supplied to LogonUser. The code, given in the first part of the article allows to start an interactive application from the service.

    For example, if the service had displayed an icon in the system tray and that worked perfectly on Windows XP but refused to work on Vista, one could write the separate application for displaying an icon and start it from the service with the code from article.